Ovation, a vibrant space for the arts online

Ovation is America’s only arts network. Its mission is to connect the world to all forms of art and artistic expression. OIC’s vision for the site was to create “vibrant space for the arts online.” Everything from the site structure to the content strategy was formulated to encourage discovery across genres. On the new site, content from social channels and programming exist together in the same space. The result is a new, engaging platform that is consistent with Ovation’s vision of “Art Everywhere.”

What My first Half Marathon Taught Me About Marketing

The med tent. Not where I wanted to find myself at the end of my first half marathon. All manner of human exhaustion on display: heaving, shivering, writhing, retching. A volunteer was attempting to amputate my arms and legs—that’s what it felt like. He was in fact icing them down. The ice snapped my capillaries shut. And as the blood from my extremities made a beeline back to my brain, the sense that I was going to be an organ donor lifted. Within 10 minutes, I was back on my feet.

The morning had gone well. I’d recorded a personal best for the 10K. I was enjoying the run, powering through the first two hill sections on pace, on plan. Then at mile 12, trouble. I noticed my hands first. My fingers mutated to regulation-sized frankfurters. I couldn’t make a fist. Then my feet—I felt like I was running in wet Uggs. My pace slowed, then stopped. I willed myself to keep moving and pulled it together just long enough to get across the line. The video of my finish is hilarious, one arm flapping wildly and the other clutching my phone so I could stop my Nike+.

There are many online training plans available for first-time racers. I trained to one from a reputable site. I did about 140 miles in preparation. Then I made a rookie mistake. In the final days, I read an article on the same site, “How to Have a Great First Half Marathon.” “Drink at every aid station,” they advised. I know better. On my training runs, I drink very conservatively. But on race day, I rationalized, I’d be going harder than before—the experts were probably right. Nope.

The medics had a simple explanation: I was mildly overhydrated. My water intake was inhibiting replenishment of salt in my body. I had created an electrolyte deficit. To compensate, my cells were swollen with H2O. Basically, I’d made a tactical error: I drank too much during the race.

Marketers have an obligation not only to put out good information but also to contextualize it for athletes. In a rush to get info out inexpensively and in a timely manner, it is easy to forget that there are real people out there who are counting on it’s being well organized and correct. The organization that creates plans that are easy to understand, well contextualized, and experience appropriate can create a very loyal following.

In the end, what I discovered through training for and completing my first half marathon was that most free advice on running is like water: It’s best when taken with a grain of salt, so the electrolytes can keep the swelling down.

Roxio Creator Packaging Redesign

For the third year, Roxio asked OIC to lead their annual packaging redesign for three different markets – plus, standard, and pro. The on-shelf visual impact and relation between product markets were a key driver in design strategy. OIC delivered three distinct designs that were visually appealing and affiliated, scheduled to launch early 2012.



A Pasadena, CA based agency, specializing in brand development and integrated programs and campaigns is looking to hire a Senior Account Executive with a proven record of success and a minimum of 5 years working experience.


Client Relationships
  • Establish and build strong personal and working relationships with designated client contacts and make certain the agency maintains a “web” of contact throughout the organization
  • Earn the confidence of and maintain healthy relationships with, agency clients
  • Develop a knowledge of, and add value to, the client’s business: knowledgeable and conversant in their key issues, competitive situation, industry trends and the projects assigned the agency as well as other communication partners
  • Anticipate and address potential client relationship or revenue issues, advising agency management in time for the agency to act proactively
  • Provide a seamless and pleasant client experience
Strategic and Campaign Experience
  • Understanding of, and experience in, strategic process, campaign planning, development, execution, and deployment
  • Ability to conceive, develop, and manage full-cycle campaigns and programs
  • Ability to constructively and positively contribute to strategic thinking and application to client objectives, challenges, and opportunities
Staff Relationships and Support
  • Provide a model of project/team leadership: prepared and proactive, thorough and accurate, fair and balanced, a willingness to do whatever is required
  • Create a working environment that encourages and supports a positive mindset about the work as well as the client and agency staff that is involved
  • Establish rapport and trust with a range of staff members assigned to the same account
  • Respond to pressures of work volume and time requirements in a way that is consistent, appropriate and positive for both you and the agency long-term
  • Demonstrate an ability to solve problems and overcome challenges
  • Demonstrate confidence, authority and level-headed decision-making as the agency’s leadership voice on assigned accounts
Interactive and Social Experience
  • Experience in, and understanding of the digital development process as pertains to Web, applications, mobile, widgets
  • Experience in, understanding of, and a perspective on, social marketing as a vehicle for consumer engagement and activation
Communication Skills
  • Ability to write and speak with clarity, authority and persuasion.
  • Be well-rehearsed and prepared for the unexpected
  • Collect, analyze, organize and present an insightful point of view on client assignments or new opportunities
Business Development
  • Proven record of both developing incremental business with existing clients, as well as bringing in new agency clients
  • Participate as requested or required in business development efforts
  • Be a model for stewardship of our clients’ and the agency’s money – avoiding unnecessary expenditures, acting to minimize errors, and negotiating required costs
  • Employment time: Full-time
  • Industry: Marketing and Advertising
  • Job Function: Advertising, Account Management, Project Management, and Strategy and Planning
  • Experience: Mid/Senior-Level
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