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This week we saw photos of the Facebook founder and his girlfriend with their new puppy—commuting to work, playing on the hardwood, skittering across the parking lot. The puppy shots put a nice exclamation point on a fact that we already knew: Facebook has won. Its founder has moved on to more genteel pursuits.

For years we had heard how communities were going to be the new way forward for marketers. And indeed, as sites began to allow ratings and comments, great strides toward engaging consumers were made. Looking back even two years, it’s almost comical how many well-intentioned people made commitments to technologies they thought would create consumer “engagement.”

zuckerpuppyThose days are long behind us. The platforms of choice have reached a level of, dare I say, maturity: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yelp, WordPress, and so on. Somewhere in the mix, people are finding a combination of commerce, sharing, and socializing that is right for them. That’s the engagement.

In the past, firms invested in features and functionality to try to help consumers have a richer experience with their brands. It turns out that what consumers want is not whatever flavor of community a company is pedaling. If the enterprise has a good Facebook presence, that’s fine. But consumers want products to work as expected. They want companies to be true to their word. Without that, no amount of community building matters.

Marshall McLuhan said, “If it works, it’s obsolete.” When it comes to engagement, technologies will come and go. When it comes to loyalty, delivering on your product’s promise is the only way to ensure a happy customer. Aw, shucks, go ahead and use my personal information to sell ads—that puppy is so darned cute.

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Graphic Designer

Who you are

  • An intellectually-curious graphic designer who knows how to create captivating designs that strengthen creative strategy
  • A whiz with Adobe Creative Suite CC
  • Someone who is never happy with the status quo and has a desire to continually optimize and improve their designs
  • Someone who excels in a team environment
  • Someone who is comfortable in a high volume, fast-paced environment
  • Friendly and participating collaborator, with a positive outlook & attitude
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously

Your qualifications

  • BA or AA in Graphic Arts or equivalent combination of experience and education; may be overlooked if portfolio and experience is strong enough
  • Proficient knowledge of MAC OS and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Two or more years as a professional graphic designer working with print and digital media, preferably under a Creative Director or Art Director
  • Strongly skilled in design, typography, color theory, grid, and layout
  • Strong multitasking, prioritization, and organization skills
  • Ability to self-edit to produce accurate and high quality work
  • Must have experience with print setup
  • Strong commitment to quality, design integrity, and innovation
  • Highly organized individual


  • Collaborate effectively with creative team members and other project stakeholders
  • Be a proactive communicator with all involved parties on a project
  • Close attention to designing within a client's brand standards
  • Respect all due dates and deadlines, communicate directly with project team to ensure project delivers on time
  • Be able to take projects from design through production for a wide variety of projects
  • Meticulously label layers, layer styles, organize swatches, etc.
  • Archive all projects according to department standard, and ensure most up-to-date files are available to other team members at any given time
  • Be reliable and punctual
  • Give lots of love to the office dogs

Bonus skills

  • Experience with photo re-touching
  • Thorough knowledge of keynote and or PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and/or JavaScript
  • Experience as a UI/UX designer

Note: Please send resume, portfolio link, and cover letter. Applicants will not be considered without providing a link to their portfolio.

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