CASE STUDY / AT&T Wireless

Promoting brand values from the retail floor to the customer experience

AT&T Wireless Retail Sales Intranet Redesign

AT&T Wireless Back-of-Store Promotions: Posters, Mirror Clings, and Screen Savers


The AT&T Wireless retail marketing team was working hard to create an environment that encouraged sales associates to embrace the company’s slogan reach out in relation to their customers. The retail stores had been redesigned to be customer friendly, welcoming, and service ready.


Although the physical setting had been redesigned to encourage an improved consumer experience, the stores were unable to fully flourish. The positive connection between the customer and sales team member was often lost as customers frequently waited up to 12 minutes for sales associates to find product information on the AT&T Wireless retail sales intranet.


With the goal of enhancing the relationship between customer and sales associate, OIC developed an integrated marketing campaign that included a redesign of the company’s intranet as well as back-of-store promotions such as posters, screen savers, and mirror clings. This served to reinforce the AT&T Wireless value of reaching out to the customer.


AT&T Wireless sales associates were able to work more efficiently and effectively using the new retail sales intranet, leading to a greater customer turnaround. A 50-percent decrease in sales associates’ search time resulted in increased sales, improved customer relations ratings, and higher customer retention.