CASE STUDY / Cathay Bank

Bridging the gap between tradition and the future

Cathay Bank Corporate Brochure Redesign

Cathay Bank Style Guide


Cathay Bank is the oldest Chinese-American bank, with a rich history of serving the immigrant community, establishing credit and small business loans for people rejected by traditional lenders.


In 2004, Cathay Bank was undergoing a merger and reaching beyond their traditional market to expand into a fast-growing demographic segment, second-generation Asian Americans. Their efforts were handicapped by their image, which had changed little since the bank was founded, and they needed to update their brand.


OIC conducted research to profile Cathay Bank’s target market and its purchasing habits. Most importantly, the agency examined the target market’s acculturation—how Americanized they had become, and how to market to an audience focused both on their culture and on becoming increasingly American in outlook.


OIC produced a complete set of graphic standards and templates for Cathay Bank—including colors, fonts, photos, logos, and graphics usage—as well as Chinese-English bilingual collateral elements.