Serena “Mash-ups” microsite

Serena “Mash-ups” campaign ads: Contributed to the overall campaign success

Serena “Mash-ups” homepage banner ad

Serena “Mash-ups” banner ads: Contributed to 3,153 unique site visits at launch.


A global leader and longtime innovator in enterprise application management, Serena Software was on the verge of their biggest product-solution launch in two decades—Mashups.

Customized Web-based applications that combine two or more different business processes to solve business problems, Mashups are intuitive, flexible, easy to create, and require no background in programming. Business executives could use the tools as easily as IT professionals.


To launch Mashups, Serena needed an entire integrated demand-generation program featuring both online and offline components. To deliver this, they turned to OIC. The goal was to announce the new product, build awareness, encourage consideration, and drive qualified leads for sales personnel.


OIC used the notion of a “mashup”, the combination of two or more different songs that digitally overlays disparate elements, to inspire message creation and concept development. OIC started with conceptions about the image of business executives—in suits and refined business attire—and contrasting conceptions about the image of software developers—with tattoos, multiple piercings, shaved heads, and so on.  The agency then “mashed up” the two audiences, creating characters that were half business, half “developer”.

Emails, banners, and magazine ads drove users directly to the Mashups microsite, which featured an offer-driven architecture, enabling multiple ways to explore the product. All roads led to demand generation or lead capture via registration, encouraging trial and allowing sales personnel to follow up.


In the first two weeks of the campaign, OIC generated significant buzz about Mashups. The microsite generated 3,153 unique site views and 150 application trials. It eventually created a community of more than 3,100 ongoing users dedicated to sharing Mashups applications and best practices. The ads in the SD Times achieved 81% on “attention-getting,” the second-highest score in the magazine as measured by Readex Research.