OIC partners with oracle to market data storage technology

Oracle integrated marketing collateral


Electronically storing data has become a challenge. The sheer volume of information is increasing exponentially, and existing systems often can’t keep up with efficiency or capacity requirements. Oracle, a leading technology company, has taken the lead offering storage appliances that solve these problems.


Oracle asked OIC to develop a marketing campaign for its full range of Sun ZFS storage appliances, from the entry-level device for small businesses to its industry-leading solutions for large companies with extensive needs.

Oracle’s aim was to be a vendor to firms that currently use competitor products, with the goal of increasing sales of additional Oracle solutions. They especially planned to focus on customers in health care, financial services, media and entertainment, the federal government, and telecommunications.


OIC developed an integrated marketing campaign that both generated online sales leads and provided sales support for an intensive telemarketing effort. For Oracle’s Web page, OIC provided on-demand Webcasts that demonstrated the superiority of Sun ZFS storage appliances. Potential customers could provide an email address to access white papers on storage solutions, generating leads for Oracle’s sales team.

OIC also created extensive sales support materials for the telemarketing team, summarizing the key selling points and showing them how to qualify leads and overcome objections to the sale. A list of the customer’s pain points – the ways their current data storage was hurting them – made it easier to direct the conversation to the benefits that Sun ZFS storage could provide.


Results will be delivered in Q1 2012.