2010 PowerBar teams and coaches program

2009 PowerBar teams and coaches program


PowerBar asked OIC to identify opportunities to extend brand awareness and trial in team sports. The brand historically had focused all communication on the core endurance athlete, yet team sports represented more than 30% of sales volume. OIC was engaged to find a way to reach the target and drive results.


PowerBar had developed and introduced a number of new products targeted at the team sports segment. It needed to gain trial of these products through high school athletic programs and drive nutritional awareness among coaches. The goal was to generate trial and be present with the younger target. The program needed to have a direct-mail aspect and a digital overlay relevant to the targets media usage behavior.


OIC chose key partnersAlloy Media to distribute a coaches kit, and Tackle to drive awareness and traffic to the “Coach of the Year” contest online programthat had credibility with high schools and a track record of success. The direct-mail kit included a welcome letter, sport-specific nutritional playbooks, product fact sheets, product samples, coupons for retail, and posters. The online execution included branded and co-branded ads to drive traffic and program support, customized content, microsite, email blast, contest/nomination, and voting sweepstakes.

The program elements had a consistent thematic approach for both the creative and messaging in both mediums. The awards program provided a great deal of earned media through PR as well as social trending through word of mouth.


The program had great success in reaching high school athletic programsmore than 1.5 million samples were distributed, along with collateral that reinforced the sports nutrition messaging. The digital execution gained more than 15.7 million impressions and embedded PowerBar in social conversations among both coaches and teen athletes. The awards program gained more than 1,000 entries from 40 states, with ongoing engagement during the voting cycle. The program succeeded in driving awareness and trial, and it positioned PowerBar as a sports nutrition partner in team sports.