A brand reinforced to represent 25 years of industry leadership

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As 2005 began, things were changing for Serena Software, Inc. They had announced a new vision for how their customers could turn the change resulting from IT processes into a competitive business advantage. They had also moved from being a publicly held company to being privately held. They were about to announce one of the biggest software releases in their company’s history. And their existing brand identity was showing its age.


With 25 years of ad hoc development and little in the way of standards, the brand had become fragmented and didn’t adequately reflect the emerging opportunity dynamics or global scale Serena needed to address. In order to make the most of their new vision, new ownership, and new products, Serena needed a new brand identity.


OIC’s strategic brand development process enabled Serena to develop their brand to be consistent with the vision, voice, and value they provide for their customers. In doing so, OIC helped Serena signal a change to the industry, their competitors, employees, analysts, and channel partners—a point of demarcation for Serena as the industry leader in defining and establishing Change Governance as a category, and an opportunity to bring cohesion to a fractured identity. The identity that OIC helped Serena develop speaks to changing the nature of business, and to understanding change in a new way that can be leveraged and harnessed for extraordinarily positive outcomes.


Today, Serena’s brand is unified under a single consistent identity. OIC created a new logo and identity system that could be implemented appropriately across a variety of media and across the globe—a system that will assist in the company’s efforts to signal change, create competitive differentiation, help appropriately position the company, and reinforce Serena’s category leadership.