Integrated Marketing Earns Torani Record Online Sales

Banner ads for the “Hello Torani, Ciao Boring” campaign

Facebook sweepstakes encouraging consumers to engage through social media


Torani has been making flavored syrups for more than 80 years. In the early 1990s, this family-owned San Francisco company was a leader in the growing popularity of flavored coffee drinks in coffeehouses.


Today, Torani sells its syrups directly to consumers, online and through retail outlets. The company wanted to increase awareness about using Torani syrups to create authentic coffeehouse drinks at home, differentiate its syrups – made with real, simple ingredients – from artificially flavored coffee creamers, and promote its use to make flavored cocktails.


OIC created an integrated marketing campaign to build brand awareness and increase sales. We developed a slogan—Hello Torani, Ciao Boring—that accentuates the company’s Italian heritage while emphasizing the many exciting ways to use its flavored syrups. We designed and placed banner ads on carefully selected websites, to appeal to coffee drinkers and fans of specialty cocktails.

OIC encouraged social engagement through Facebook, with special offers as well as a sweepstakes that increased Torani’s fans by 440%. Then through Facebook advertising, we targeted friends of fans, competitors’ fans, fans of major coffee brands, and coffeehouse baristas. Using Google ads, we highlighted Torani’s product uses and 100+ flavors, offers and discounts increased click numbers, and keyword-effectiveness monitoring reduced Torani’s cost per keyword by 40%.


Torani experienced the largest month-over-month online sales increase in company history. Although the banner ads were primarily intended to increase brand awareness, their attention-getting design enhanced the effectiveness of Google text ads. Additionally, Facebook ads resulted in increasing Torani’s “Likes” by 440% and fan posted messages on Torani’s pages gushing, “I love this flavor!” The integrated campaign generated a huge spike in online consumer orders as well as some café orders, generated by the targeted Facebook ads. OIC demonstrated that a well-designed online ad campaign that combines great visuals with pinpoint targeting can be a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and boost sales.