There’s an App for That: OIC Helps VMware Launch Horizon App Manager

VMware Horizon Launch Materials


There’s an app for everything today. They’re easy to download and easy to use. With cloud computing, you can run a business from an app-loaded wireless device. Welcome to the new world order. Though the world changed, IT’s job has only gotten harder. VMware, a global leader in technology solutions, developed VMware Horizon App Manager. It chose OIC to coordinate product launch messaging.


Customers want the flexibility and productivity gains that come with a mobile work environment. IT managers must track usage and maintain security. Both audiences must be assured that the product is easy to use.

The VMware internal sales team needed to be trained on the product’s selling points. And external resellers, not participating in this limited product launch, needed to be informed and motivated to refer potential clients.


OIC developed a comprehensive set of FAQ for VMware audiences. Our design team supplied attractive graphics that illustrate the advantages of the Horizon App Manager.

The FAQ of potential buyers emphasize product benefits. For front-line users, Horizon App Manager means they can access their apps anytime on any device. For IT managers, the product is simple to set up and cost-effective. It can reduce their workload while giving them more control and better security.

For the internal sales team, the FAQ present the selling points plus pointers on the target market and key decision makers. The FAQ for external partners provide basic information and instructions on how to refer buyers to VMware.


OIC delivered a coordinated package of product messaging materials to support the initial launch of this innovative cloud computing security solution from VMware. The company plans to use the messages that OIC provided to promote Horizon App Manager across a variety of platforms.